Sometimes something special happens when two people meet.
The result of such a meeting is on the pages of this beautiful book.
Perfect for those searching for their life's meaning
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a true and inspiring story

The Story

A Wondrous Journey shows us what can occur when action is taken. When photographer Lynn Cluess Manzione decided to take on a project to counter what certain media were portraying as "women worthy of our attention,"she found herself on an incredible journey. On it, she traveled through time with Dr. Martha MacGuffie, a retired surgeon and eighty-six year old humanitarian whose poignant story not only achieved the photographer's mission to show that beauty is heart and soul deep, but also offered wonderful life lessons along the way.

A Wondrous Journey is the chronicle of Dr. MacGuffie's  inspiring life story- one of triumph, loss, and profound compassion. It is also a journey of self-discovery for Manzione, which leads to what they both share on the pages of this small book with big lessons.


"What lies behind us

and what lies before us

are tiny matters

compared to 

what lies within us."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


“What happens when an amazing humanitarian meets a dedicated artist? It’s the

beginning of A Wondrous Journey. In a world of strife and suffering, here is a story

that must be read and emulated. Dr. “Bobby” MacGuffie is a sublime heroine who

simply says, 'I will do my best,' and Lynn Manzione simply says, 'And I will make

the world aware.' If they do not inspire you, it’s likely you are not alive — but if

you want to live again... READ THIS BOOK!!! Thank you Bobby & Lynn, and

peace to you both.”

— Malachy McCourt, Actor and Author

“This book should be a part of the education system. The messages are ones that

could benefit anyone who has ever struggled.”

— Mikhail Baryshnikov, Dancer, Author and Actor

“Dr. Martha MacGuffie proves that one person can make a difference in this world!

The impact she has made in the lives of thousands is a legacy for us all.”

— Leila and Bob Macauley, Founders of AmeriCares

“Martha MacGuffie is living proof that regardless of age or hardship, the human

spirit is indomitable, and can achieve anything it sets its sights on.”

— Ellen Burstyn, Actor and Author

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